Want Free Service?

 You are our best advertiser, so why not get paid for it! With our Client Referral Program we make sure you get credit for bragging about our service to your family, friends and neighbors. Every time someone signs up with our service and they give us a referral card or they mention your name, we tag that account as a referred account in our system. Every month they are actively on service with us we will apply a $10 credit to your account. That is not a one time credit. Each and every month that you and they are on service, we will continue to apply that credit. With our Client Referral Program you could eliminate your monthly pool service bill completely by simply spreading the word about our great service!

Free Salt System

Do you want beautifully clear and soft water in your pool? We offer a free salt chlorine generator for your pool. This system allows us to maintain your pool's chemistry to very precise and swim safe levels at all times. That means you can jump in and enjoy your pool anytime and not have to worry about whether the pool has been shocked. With a Salt Chlorine System we can keep harmful chemicals to much lower levels. Our technicians have many years of experience with salt systems and can eliminate problems before they arise to insure you and your family never miss an opportunity to create great memories around your pool!

Free Filter Cleaning

Does your current pool service charge to clean your pool filter? Don't pay them more money to properly service your pool! We know that your pool's filter is just as important as the chemistry. That is why filter cleaning is included free of charge with all of our chemical services. It is very difficult to properly maintain your pool's chemistry with out a clean filter. DE filters require an additional $10/Monthly charge due to the fact we use an environmentally friendly cellulose filter media. Cellulose is all natural, eliminates neighborhood complaints and potential city fines due to the use of Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media.